. My Aradia Senses Are Tingling



Here is is! I wanted to put everyone worried about the white washing at ease. As you can see, no tampering and no white washing! It so colorful and beautiful!

I hope all of you who buy it will send me a picture of you wearing them. :D

and here we have assurance from the creator of the gorgeous design you see on that shirt that the art was transferred faithfully in the printing process. now maybe everyone can stop squabbling over perceived offense found in filtered instagram shots and actually enjoy this wonderful art.


Always Damara. 


Always Damara. 




the hot topic stores open their doors

there upon those floors the kids discover gamzee

his polka dots

his slime

his randomness

the new GIR is upon us

the beginning of the end is here

In the high school halls, you can hear the freshman chanting

"H0nk!!!!….I’m so random!! :0)"

"MoThEr fUcKiNg pIe~"

omg how about a snk 20s au tho


oh god i really hope i didn’t fuck it up with the clothes because i suck at this but ahhhhhh i had too much fun!


get romantic and hug the boy? get romantic and hug the boy!

because Rei looks at Nagisa like at the biggest most precious treasure and I honestly can’t deal.


So it’s the Mekakucity Actors Ramune (a kind of soda) - Blue Hawaii thing… (´・ω・`)
baby: a- a- a-
parents: oh, the baby's first words!!
baby: a- aaa- al-
parents: apple?? air??
baby: a- al- al-
baby: Alchemy. The science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. This is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, the basis of all alchemy. In accordance with this law, there is a taboo among alchemists: human transmutation is strictly forbidden - for what could equal the value of a human soul...?
Yeah MakoRin is super great but close your eyes and imagine genderbent MakoRin. How cute would THAT be.




Just, I wondering Post-scratch kids in RED DEAD VIRGO

hmm.. sorry. <:3c